Sad Little Mailbox

Remember when the neighborhood boys used to drive around and play Mailbox Baseball when we were growing up? I thought they were hilarious. So cool with their baseball bats and destructive tendencies. I secretly wanted to join in myself but that wasn’t really appropriate for girls. Especially girls like me who did ballet and pretended to be feminine and stuff.

Cut to a few hundred years later and now I’m an adult and I hate those stupid boys with their baseball bats and love for destroying. Look what they did to our poor mailbox!


I mean, thank god we opted for the cheapest one from Home Depot and didn’t spend too much money or thought picking out a signature box with like a gilded family crest or hand-painted cardinals on it, but still. It upsets me. What upsets me more is that I’m pretty sure it’s not just random- it has happened three times now and nobody else on our street has had their box smashed. Coincidence? I think not.

Tim is positive that it is intentional- that we have been singled out. I worry that he may be right. I know that the locals know that we are from New York and that nobody likes “city slickers” (yes, they actually use that term) in Kingwood, but most of the people we have met are totally amicable and they like us despite our urban-ness.

But three times? That can’t be coincidence. I mean, yes, as you can see from the photo, our front yard is an overgrown shithole but we’re working around the clock to improve the place- let’s put it this way, it looks a million times better than it did two and a half years ago when we first bought it. Steve the pig farmer (get the full story of Steve and his sawdust here) really let the place fall to crap and we have been cleaning up his insane person’s mess ever since. Truckloads full of trash and metal debris have been carted out of here. Literally TONS of old stuff.

So why wouldn’t the locals be thankful that some brave (and possibly stupid) people would want to fix up the place? They should be putting flower bouquets on our mailbox and leaving home-baked cookies in the slot, not smashing the poor little thing to the point where it’s hanging by a string and we have to shoddily reinforce it with plastic strips.

I do take some comfort in the idea that it is just stupid kids charged by a sudden onslaught of hormones and weird feelings inside. That is certainly preferable to the idea of a targeted hate crime against cityfolk.

Yeah, let’s just chalk this one up to stupid kids. Ok kids, you’ve proven that you’re totally badass. We’re impressed. Now go smash someone else’s mailbox or go do some drugs or something. Thank you.

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