Walu, the Laxative Fish

Look ma, I caught a huge shit inducing fish

Tonight Tim and I grilled the most amazing fish. We bought it at a local hippie grocery store in Paia which is the town we’re staying in on Maui. It looked really good- it was thick and white and buttery like swordfish with an ahi tuna texture. It was called Walu.

When we grilled it, it was hands down the best fish I’ve ever had. That coupled with some fresh avocado made it a damn good meal.

Tim is reading this over my shoulder as I am writing (as usual, so annoying) and wanted me to add that the Grill Master grilled it to perfection.

After dinner, we realized we needed to find out more about the fish so we could possibly make it again, back on the East Coast. As we suspected, it is actually white tuna which is one of our favorites when we get sashimi. The proper name is escolar.

And then our spirits were killed when I discovered this article about “the ban on escolar due to its laxative effect”.

Uh oh….

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2 Responses to Walu, the Laxative Fish

  1. Citygirl Farmmmmie says:

    It’s going to be a long, uncomfortable trip home!!!!! Miss you.

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